Retail Barcodes (EAN and UPC codes)

Retail Barcodes - For use in shops and retailers

Retail barcodes are used for products that are going to be stocked in a shop or a retailer.

There are two primary code-formats used for retail barcodes today, namely the 13 digit EAN code and the 12 digit UPC-A code. These two barcode formats are used throughout the world (including South Africa), and in most cases, stores are able to accept both EAN and UPC codes for retail products.

At Barcodes-123, we supply you with Gs1-approved, fully registered retail barcodes at extremely low prices. Our codes are supplied in both EAN and UPC formats so that you can be assured that all retailers worldwide will be able to scan your products. With your purchase, you will also receive a set of high-resolution images for printing (3 images per barcode purchased). These image designs are supplied free of charge with every purchase and, once received, can be sent straight through to your printers who will choose the image type that suits them most.

Total: R140.00
Each: R140.00

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Pricing table:
1 barcode ---------------- R140 each
2-5 barcodes ---------------- R100 each
6-10 barcode ---------------- R80 each
11-20 barcodes ---------------- R70 each
21-40 barcodes ---------------- R60 each
41-70 barcodes ---------------- R30 each
71-100 barcodes ---------------- R28 each
101-200 barcodes ---------------- R20 each
201-500 barcodes ---------          R15 each
501+ barcodes                      R10 each

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