Barcode design services

Barcode design services - Let us design your barcodes for you

Barcode design services involve the formulation and techical design of barcode images.

Due to the complicated and technical nature of barcodes, it is common to request that a barcode designer put together the final images for your registered barcode numbers. Barcodes come in a wide variety of formats, resolutions and image types. A good designer will be able assess your barcoding requirements, and design the appropriate barcode images to suit your needs.

At Barcodes-123, we supply you with high-quality and high-resolution barcode image designs at extremely affordable prices. With each purchase, you will receive a set of images in a selection of image formats. All images are ready for printing and, once received, can be sent straight through to your packaging designers who will choose the image type that suits them most.

We can supply designs for the following barcode types, including: EAN-13, UPC-A, ITF-14, QR, ISBN, ISSN, IBCN and a wide variety of other barcode formats.

Total: R125.00
Each: R125.00

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Pricing table - Barcode image design
1 barcode ---------------- R125 each
2-5 barcodes ---------------- R100 each
6-10 barcode ---------------- R80 each
11-20 barcodes ---------------- R70 each
21-40 barcodes ---------------- R60 each
41-70 barcodes ---------------- R30 each
71-100 barcodes ---------------- R28 each
101-200 barcodes ---------------- R20 each
201-500 barcodes ---------          R15 each
501+ barcodes                      R10 each

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